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1. Nomenclature and terminology
1.1. Criticism of Einstein's Theory of Relativity
1.2. Our New Theory of Relativity
2. Theory and Its Comparison with Experiment
2.1. Form of the Intensity of the Moving Charge Electric and Magnetic Field
2.1.1. Intensity of the Moving Charge Electric Field - A New Theory
2.1.2. Kaufmann's Experiment
2.1.3. Electromagnetic field. Maxwell's equations.
2.2. Non-linear form of the interference field
2.2.1. Fizeau's Experiment
2.2.2. Harre's Experiment
2.3. Doppler's principle - correct relations
3. Consequences 1
3.1. Possible generalization of the theory relating to all fields (gravitational,
nuclear, etc.) where the speed of propagation is constant and equals c
3.2. Calculation of the kinetic energy of a body moving at a given velocity v
3.3. Nuclear field
3.4. Radius of force reach of particles, calculation of speed, frequencies,
and mass particles, "mass defect" notion
3.5. Unified theory of field
4. Consequences 2
5. A physicist's consience Epilogue
The New Coordinate System In Physics And Magic Numbers
The New Coordinate System In Physics
Nuclear Shells
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